17th Non Alignment Movement (NAM) Summit

Vice President of India, Mohammad Hamid Ansari addressed 17th Non Alignment Movement (NAM) Summit which began in Margarita on 17th Sep 2016.

Making a strong pitch against terrorism, Mr. Ansari stated that terrorism has become a major obstruction to development.
“Today we need to ask whether an organization designed in 1945 with just 51 member states, is really appropriate to serve the needs of an international community that now comprises 193 independent sovereign states facing 21st century challenges to their citizens well being and security.” said Ansari.
“The time has come for our movement to recognise the need for concrete action in the fight against terrorism,”.”We need to establish a mechanism within our movement that will ensure effective cooperation in combating terrorism, that is the main threat to security, sovereignty and development.” he said.
“We began a discussion on this at the Cartagena Summitin 1995; this discussion mustcontinue and fructify so that NAM may achieve its full potential”. said Mr. Ansari ending up the addressing.

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