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Training is an ever evolving and a continuous process. It has been very aptly said that the more you train in peace, the less you bleed in war. In a future scenario of conflict, where the more educated will indeed be the well armed, emphasis on an all round, academically sound and techno-savvy qualities for a service officer needs no elaboration. The Naval Training Team (NTT) believes in setting benchmarks in order to produce quality material for the armed forces.

NTT continuosly strives to prepare an NDA cadet for his future career in the Navy through Specialist Service Training. NTT also endeavours to develop creativity, improve presentation skills, inculcate a flair for Watermanship and encourage research oriented studies amongst cadets through study of contemporary military topics and naval campaigns.

In pursuance of the aforesaid objectives, NTT lays basic foundation on Navigation, General Seamanship and Communication to V and VI term naval cadets. The team also moulds them to transform as seafarers by providing maritime environment to the extent possible. The training is being imparted in both theoretical instructions in class rooms and practical instructions at NTT and at Waterman ship Training Centre (WTC) Peacock Bay. With a view to inculcate professional reading habits amongst naval cadets they are being tasked to submit book reviews on contemporary naval or military studies along with presentations. In addition to book reviews, a syndicate presentation under the guidance of Naval DS on military and naval war campaigns are also undertaken by the VI term naval cadets. Service training is accorded the topmost priority at NTT. Towards this end, a number of recent initiatives have been taken to ensure imparting of optimal and quality specialist training.

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