Ode to the Cavalier

The gallant young man in his black head gear
He is confident and poised - a bold cavalier.
Below that cool surface lies a deadly fighting machine
Chivalrous in peace, in war he can be mean.
A dashing leader of men, he knows them inside out
They will follow him to hell, without a single doubt.
He cares for them and loves them, more than theirs mother do
And when the test comes calling, to him they will be true.
tanks are his passion; he rides them with great pride
All guns blazing, where will the enemy hide?
Maneuver and shock action strike terror in the ranks
No enemy can withstand the fire power of his tanks.
When his guns are blazing, nothing can survive
One tank enough to knock out enemy's five.
Woe betide the foe that dares to cross his path
He will do his best to protect his home and hearth.
He sweats it out in peace to hone his crew and drills
Training is realistic- there is no place for frills.
Makes soldiering look like fun with his easy stylish ways
Parties hard through the night and slogs even harder next day.
Thank God for the Cavalier, he has cleared all acid tests
Battle hardened soldier he has always come out best.
Let us salute this young man in his black head gear
The pride of the nation and cause of the enemy's fear.
May your tracks keep turning and may your guns roar
May you find eternal glory in history's lore.
And if you go down fighting, may you find yourself a place
In God's own Cavalry forever serve in grace.
- Journal of the Armoured Corps

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