Sudan Block : The Nerve Centre

The Sudan Block today is an iconic symbol of this Tri-Services Academy. Its Massive Dome is its most eye-catching and remarkable feature and looms over the landscape of the lush Khadakwasla estate like a colossus. The Dome has an ECC Shell lined with Pink Jodhpur Stone.

At its peak is an eight inch diameter Blue Glass Dharma Chakra. It looms over a massive roof of Taylor Tiles. The building itself is a massive, compelling presence lined with Jodhpur Stone. It has an arcade of Grey Chinchwad stone which has an Octagonal Marble Entrance Hall immediately below the dome. The inner Dome is about 70 feet high.

The marble entrance hall is the grandest feature of this remarkable building with its black polished Italian marble walls and pillars with polished Brass embellishments. It is breath taking in its impact. The effect of its architectural grandeur is enhanced manifold by the oil paintings of the martyrs of the NDA that hang there. The inner dome has a central eye in the shape of the Asoka Chakra with gay murals and painted walls (That give you the feel of Ajanta). The Sudan Block has greystone arches at its entrance gracefully offset by the pink Stone Colonnades of the first and second floor.

It has imposing stone pillars and galleries and canopied Chajjas (of the Rajput style) on its flanks. From its baconies one can get a truly breath taking view of the central terraced garden with its fountains and festive flowers.

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