National Defence Academy: Vision 2022

The National Defence Academy, first of its kind in the world, amalgamates tri services ethos in a most professional and time tested manner. The visionaries, thinkers, planners and architects who conceived and executed the vision of a Tri Service Academy 60 years ago, created a setup which was ahead of its times - and in doing so, firmly put in place a challenge for their successors.

Fulfilling tri service training requirements, in addition to academic curriculum and increasingly high content of Information Technology in all domains of warfare, demands a vision. A vision to be able to crystal graze into the future and foresee the unforeseen changes. "The long Term Perspective Plan of the NDA, Vision 2022" has been compiled with an eye on the future. The planning team projected itself into the future to visualise what would br the role of the Academy in 2022, and asked the question as to what technologies were likely to be available in that day and age, and what qualities would the Armed Forces of the future like their young officers to imbibe, in order to face future challenges. Based on this crystal ball gazing, the long term training and infrastructure requirements have been drawn up and the way ahead for the Academy outlined in conformity with Five Year Plan periods upto year 2022.

Based on the long term perspective plan of The Academy, our Vision has been clearly spelt out, so as to ensure that all of us move together as a closely bonded team to achieve our common goal to impart quality training to produce future military leaders who can lead by example in all spheres of their career.

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