An interesting news item in a reputed newspaper caught my eye with the header “Showcasing leadership and a Platform for leaders”. This kept me thinking and I realized that the header ought to be the other way around.  For politicians the said header was fine, but certainly NOT for military leadership. A book brought out by the ARTRAC (Army Training Literature) has summed up leadership in four words -  “ TO BE : TO DO : TO SEE : TO TELL”…. founded on the edifice of CHARACTER.The  Scriptures has explained …. "CHARACTER  is  an array of chosen values on which a Persons moral or ethical actions and reactions are based "

            The West Point (USA) Military Training Academy has chosen CHARACTER as its motto for its cadets and  Personality Traits as its frame work.This set me thinking! What about our own Training Academies?... I find varied mottos of institutions displayed  alongside their  insignia/ crests conveying an articulate message  but what about the edifice the motto is founded on? More often Indian historians quote  leadership as  “Action that shapes destiny” and we follow it in letter and Spirit.My summation to the above(having served the Defence Forces for over three decades in the Combat Arm)is that “ Leadership stands on the edifice of “IZZAT”.

           IZZAT has no specific definition nor any dictionary exposition or a synonym to qualify. It is experienced and to be seen in Action ; wrought about the day a child is born and brought up. The Family is its Character and IZZAT is the result reflected in any environment…a person is placed in!

           At the Services Selection Board, Personality Traits and Leadership Qualities (OLQ’s) of candidates are assessed. Rightly so….. “ What is and will be as Leaders subsequently”. Do we have a measure / matrice / template for evaluating ‘IZZAT’ quotient? Any takers?

- ColToms/-   
(Training Faculty, CAVALIER INDIA )

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