Topics which will help you face the interview in SSB Better

Following topics should be well understood by the candidates when they proceed for SSB:

1. Indian Ocean

2. India's neighbouring countries

3. India's relationship with Pakistan

4. India's relationship with China

5. India's mineral resources

6. India's climatic condition and agricultural resources

7. India's foreign policy

8. India's Export-Import (EXIM) policy

9. Indian Nuclear Policy

10. India's Independence 

11. Wars fought by India Post Independence :-

a) 1948 with Pakistan
b) 1962 with China
c) 1965 with Pakistan
d) 1971 with Pakistan
e) 1987 against LTTE in SriLanka 
f) 1999 Kargil War

12. Public Sector Undertakings

13. Role of Banks

14. Armed Forces Special Power Act 1957

15. Jammu & Kashmir

16. North-East States

17. Army/Navy/Air Force - Officer's Rank Structure

It is recommended that the candidates read Competition Success Review and Manorama Year Book to enhance their Current Affairs knowledge. 

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