The year 2015 is reminiscent of a Candidate for the Services Selection Board who reported to the CAVALIER INDIA Training Academy and enquired on the Success Rate and average percentage selection results! Quietly and firmly I conveyed to the individual that we provide ‘Qualitative Training’ and not guarantee to any quantitative outcomes. He may certainly go through hundreds of feedbacks received from selected candidates and their respective contact numbers. This seemed to have satisfied his curiosity.

            The Candidate’s second query was ‘how and what formulae are applied to train and prepare prospective competitors. To this I gave him an effective formulae-cum-equation as under:-


The Candidate noted down the equation, went home and tried deciphering the same. A week later, hereported to Cavalier India; followed his theory/notes, practiced on ground with the other candidates and put the Equation to Action! …Guess what, he cleared the Selection Board in merit and received a call letter to join the Indian Military Academy. He is none other than the MD of BESCOM; (Today, ayoung Lieutenant commissioned in the TERRITORIAL ARMY).

…Kudos to his perseverance and backend support from CAVALIER INDIA Team!

            Col Toms/-
(Training Faculty, Cavalier India) 


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Cavalier India is the biggest Defence Career Training Academy in India with network covering the entire country. We train candidates to face SSB Interviews, NDA Exam, CDS Exam, CPO Exam, AFCAT Exam and Other Entrance Tests.
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