SSB Experience of Cavalier India Selected Candidate Shubham Bhardwaj

Name: Subham Bhardwaj                                
Entry: (10+2)  Navy  
Recommended from: NSB COIMBATORE
Batch No: S-47365
Chest No: 3

[My SSB Experience]

I had my SSB on 21st October at Coimbatore. I had to travel overnight in train from Bangalore to Coimbatore and report at 6 AM at INS AGRANI. In the starting I was quite nervous by looking at the number of people reported, which are around 200.

#Day-1 (Screening Test)
We all were divided into groups and sent for the initial OIR Test. It was quite easy and I attempted all of the 100 questions given to me and answered them all correctly. Then we had our story writing test- PPDT. The picture given to us was 2 boys working in the field and fire was breaking out in the nearby mill.
Discussion was there for 3 minutes. I gave some 3-4 points. (Around 25 Candidates were screened in) I was confident and I was screened in.

#Day-2 (Psychological Test And Interview)
Next day we had to fill up our PIQ form and go for Psychological test. The Psychological were quite like the Psychological test done here in Cavalier. I was surprised to see some of the pictures were same as in Cavalier. I would appreciate the institute for its readiness in the new pictures and situations. Col Thomas's class was very important and it was up to the date. 

#Day-3&4 (Group Testing Officer)
My GTO tasks went very good. I was quite cooperative. Even if I didn’t get any ideas in some obstacles, I cooperated with my group mates. My GTO tested me very much he put me in pressure situations but I cleared them with a smile.

#Day-5 (Conference)
My Conference went well. They asked me 5 question for 7 minutes. I answered them very well and in the end. I was confident. I will get recommended and I did get recommended. Out of 25 only 2 candidates were recommended .

At last I would like to Thanks all the accessors and the board of Cavalier, namely Brig. Khatri, Cmdr. Prakash, Col. Thomas, Brig. Joseph, Capt. Natesh for guiding me through the SSB procedure and help to improve my character and personality.  


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