(A Check list for The Youth)

A balanced Personality is he who is wise and trusts the wise and stays humble for “God resists the proud but gives  success to the Humble of heart” (Proverbs)

     Herein  is  a Check list for the YOUTH based on practical application  which may help candidates to remain  emotionally stable as they approach LIFE  with all its challenges ahead.

Ø    I will accept responsibility for the outcomes of my choices.

My choices affect my attitude, My moods and my destiny is determined by the choices that only I make. It is upto me to accept the final responsibility for my predicament or at least my response to it. I will accept correction from those whom I trust. Being able to take correction without taking offence, from those who deserve my trust and know better than me, requires humility.

Ø   I will accept short term pain for long term gain .

It is possible to coach myself through the unbearable feelings and ghost of the past (such as failure, disappointment, guilt or rejection) in a deliberate effort to stay in reality and find the truth necessary to work it through.

Ø   I will have realistic expectations of myself  and others wherein
I will develop the ability to check and adjust expectations when they are no longer helpful and need to examine regularly.

Ø   I will progress with worthy  and achievable goals

  Worthy goals enable a strong sense of hope for the future and progress my life.

Ø  I will balance my head and heart.

My Interpretation of people and life must be neither purely analytical and intellectual, nor rely entirely on my feelings , moods and emotions.

Ø  I will internalise my sense of belonging and security

     Its ok to experience powerlessness and let go when holding on is no longer helpful and follow the latest fads to have a sense of belonging. I will internalise my sense of worth and value and not on others to give me my sense of worth  if others gave it to me then they can also take it away. I will not take every attack or critical word against me as a true reflection of who I am , for I know that often people hurt others simply because they themselves are hurting.                                                    
(Training Faculty, Cavalier India)

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