"Why You Should Join The Army"

(An Extract by Captain Raghav Raman…. As an encourager to the youth)

Here is why one should join the Indian Army……..

"You could learn management, engineering or other disciplines from Ivy League colleges, but there is no degree or MBA which can teach you how to lead men into battle - without ESOPs, pay hikes or any other material levers. You may earn millions, own fancy cars and plush apartments but in no other career will you hold the lives of fighting troops in your hands who will lay it down without batting an eyelid on your orders. In no other profession will you be responsible for human lives, the territorial sovereignty and the honor of your country. That is the gravitas of the stars you will wear on your shoulders. And that is the reason why you should join the Indian Army."
Not because it is compulsory!

          The above views expressed are personnel and we at CAVALIER INDIA do appreciate the sentiments and endorse the same in our daily encourage to the candidates attending training with us.

(Training Faculty, Cavalier India)

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