(Conducted for Candidates of Sainik School)

SAINIK Schools / Military Schools often arrange for a team from CAVALIER INDIA to guide and assess potential candidates due to face the Services Selection Board for entry into the National Defence Academy or for the 10+2 (Technical Entry Scheme). During one of the visits  to a Sainik School the following Comments / Recommendations and Assessments was indicated to help cadets for future planning and preparation.

The overall profile ASSESSED IS Captioned under :
Group Testing


  Ø  Entry needs to be smarter in terms of ABCDE (Appearance, Bearing, Confidence, Deportment and Etiquette). Some Cadets tend to be casual and timid/mild.

  Ø  The siting posture and eye contact  needs more confidence .

  Ø  There is a tendency to be mechanical in their reactions and responses to the QUESTIONAIRE!

  Ø  The technique of answering questions during the interview must follow SLDC3and  acronym‘FLAME’.

  Ø  Family and educational background was well covered  however should  avoid being  critical and negative at any time. Should not justify their poor performance  in studies unless asked.

  Ø  Sunday/holiday routine needs to be constructive and start from the time one gets up till the time one goes to sleep.

  Ø  Games/Sports in general are strong points of the candidates, they must elaborate in adequate details and must highlight their achievements.

  Ø  General knowledge and current affairs is weak and needs concerted efforts; collective discussions and talk will help. They need to know National events of the last 6 months and what is happening around in our Neighbouring countries and  the International events, in that order.

  Ø  Similarly knowledge of the Armed Forces in general and the Service of their choice (Army/Navy/IAF) must be known in details particularly the Role, Organization, Equipments (aircrafts, ships, gun tanks) and Rank structure within the service being opted and equivalent in other services.

  Ø  Strength and Weakness needs to be articulated better. Mellow down and dilute weakness.

  Ø  Exit after the interview needs to be as smart as the entry.

  Ø  Body language needs  to be positive and a motivated, enthusiastic and cheerful countenance must be maintained throughout the SSB  and in all interactions.


  Ø  More exposure required as regards to the general awareness during group discussion and lecturettes. Some of the candidates were hesitant due to lack of information, facts and general awareness. Regular talks  on current topics, regular newspaper/magazine reading will help them to improve their general awareness. Topics of national importance, burning  issuesto be made aware of.

  Ø  It is observed that  Time management and use of resources in practical applications needs to be stressed.

  Ø  Additional practice is required in planning and distribution of work load (specially in military planning/GPE.

  Ø  Use of lever, cantilever and  rope will help them in outdoor tasks effectively.

  Ø  Though the candidates were exposed to the Tasks for the first time, their performance was  Above average.

  Ø  Most of the cadets are motivated and have shown keen interest in both the indoor tasks and outdoor tasks.

  Ø  Some of the cadets were lethargic and their participation was negligible despite enough opportunity  given to them in group discussions and Lec. They were stress prone and relevance of time was less. Nearly 90 % of the cadets in lecturette used less than 2 minutes of the prescribed 3 minutes.

  Ø  In command task they showed quick adaptation but  stereo type ,revealing less originality.

  Ø  One common feature to be appreciated was their  verbal  expression  and ability to assimilate new points was quick but their enthusiasm is average.


Awareness towards  Psychology Tests was very Good. Cadets need to practice  PPDTand WAT assignments against Time. Overall high average response to instructions on Psychology Test as seen.

Self Appraisal / Description was High average. There was a tendency towards negative self projection and handwriting needs to be more legible.

Sentence projection  need to improve (general expressions) and Time management could be better. Quoting proverbs, quotation and models should be avoided.

Good and positive response  including practical approach/ expression were noticed. A matured approach is also seen in responding to negative situations.

Initially candidates were hesitant to project positive attitudes / traits of the Lead Character (hero / heroine) but they picked up the basics. Need to practice writing stories to help better perception/imagination  with a ‘Theme’ would help immensely.

Picture Identification/Perception tends towards negativeness.Need to have a progressive attitude. Regular practice to see through blurred/hazy pictures and appreciating  a  good story will help. Basic format for the story writing is well understood.

Verbal / Non Verbal (IQ Tests)
Overall Average performance. Need to practice against Time. Monitoring IQ tests (OIR) practice daily will help.

The  overall performance of the Candidates who were  put through the sessions was “ ABOVE AVERAGE”.

Compiled by ColToms/-
(Training Faculty CAVALIER INDIA)

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