Customs, Etiquettes and Manners (CEM- 2: POSTURE)

Written By- ColToms/-
(Training Faculty, Cavalier India)

                Posture encompasses bearing, disposition, demeanour and poise that determines the pattern of our lives. A good posture indicates good upbringing and poise. The human body is one that ought to look as nature meant it to be upright, straight and beautiful. This includes:-

·        A healthy body and mind.

·        Sitting: Deliberate and controlled movements.

·        Hands: Relaxed, serene, poised. Avoid jerky movements.

·        Legs: Self Composure, poise and confident, do not shake or jerk your legs constantly; an unwelcome distraction and indecent.

·        Talking: During a conversation, body movement are well synchronized to project good personality mov are aids to your posture.
    (Smiles, acknowledgements, nods and so on should be combined).

·        Standing: Standing straight with hands hanging at the sides.
- Standing at ease; feet little apart and comfortable.
- Slight stooping or bowing, a mark of respect.
- With a VIP; better to adopt a posture of alertness, formal and not      laid-back.
- While talking; attention should not be diverted unless you have the responsibility of welcoming and seeing to the convenience of your guests. It is permissible to allow your attention to wander while in conversation. Refreshes facial expression.

·        Impatience: Enemy of good posture.
- Pacing up and down the floor.
- Scratching ear, nose, cracking fingers or looking at the watch…..
- Hide impatience tactfully and maintain poise and charm.

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