Customs, Etiquettes and Manners (CEM- 3: Dress Code)

Written By- ColToms/-
(Training Faculty, Cavalier  India)

  • ·    Dress to suit your figure, face and personality.

  • ·    Clothing distinct to relationship of the wearer and personel attractiveness, taste (refined look) leaning more towards conservativeness and simple than a flamboyant spectacular look. Neat and clean.  Simplicity and good taste.

  • ·    Colours / Colour blending; (boost to ones personality); sober colours.

  • ·     Fitting in, smoothness is the key to good fit.
         (Unmatched and badly fitted dress distracts).

  • ·     Accessories: Purse, shoe (black, brown, maroon not white; not clacking on floor)

         Handkerchief  always  a part of clothing.
         White Spotless and ironed with thin stripes for men and delicate lace-edged for women.
  • ·    Jewelry: Avoid the tendency to bedeck yourself; matching with your outfit.

  • ·    Grooming: Personal grooming, deodrants / anti perspirants depending on climate (do not drench yourself in perfume or after shave, just a spray). Brushing teeth, Hair dressing, Triming moustaches, Clean nails, Sweaty palms, clean arms/pit.

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