CEM 8: SPEAKING AND LISTENING (Customs, Etiquettes and Manners)

ü  Key is confidence, content, delivery & voice.
ü  Observe your listeners reaction to you.
ü  Avoid long-winded talk..... tends to make everyone uncomfortable.
ü  Too fast or too slow or an accent that is hard to understand, avoid! Remedy is by listening to the way others speak and how yours differs; self improvement (mirror practice) is recommended.

ü  Listening to others is an Art in itself.
ü  An integral part of Etiquette
ü  A supreme compliment to a speaker.
ü  Focus your attention on the person who is speaking and do not interrupt.
ü  Look the speaker directly in the eye.
ü  Lean slightly forward if you are sitting, to indicate interest. (And if possible sit closer to the speaker).
ü  Certain gestures and body language may beef up interest..
ü  As a good listener you are expected to react to what you are learning.

ü  If you disagree with the point being made, speak in the right tone.

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