Custom, Etiquettes and Manners (CEM 6: EXTENDED GREETINGS)

Ø  A Smile is the most important part of one’s personality. It creates and confirms the warmth in the relations w/o having to utter a word. It is a consent to friendly contact.
A warm greeting, besides breaking the veneer of formality, spells goodwill.
Forms of Greeting: A friendly smile, a nod, a wink, a handshake. Charm is a way of evoking a positive response from others without having asked for it. Endearing qualities cast their spell upon us when we come into contact with such individuals. (Poise, elegance, grace or a good sense of humour). A naturally gifted charm can certainly be cultivated. A good knowledge of human behaviour and a fine sense of dealing with the situations around is all that goes into it, leaving behind a good impression.
Class: An exclusive quality like charm. It is marked by a quiet stamp of authority, a binding presence and a bearing that announces your good breeding and refined taste. A good accent diction, decent clothes, poise and intellect do help, but do not constitute ‘class’ by themselves. A breed apart; your  modesty, honesty, good manners, politeness, sincerity towards relationships, genuine concern towards fellow human beings is more effective.

Ø  Verbal Greetings:
ü  “Hello” is the universal verbal form of greeting with a smile on the lips and a slight nod of head, with an added pleasantry ‘How are you?
ü  A response will be “Fine, Thank you, How are you?”

Ø  Shaking Hands:
ü  Most accepted form of greetings.
ü  Japanese bow: degree depending on respect due.
ü  Indian – a namaste!
ü  Avoid jelly fish or vice like grip.
ü A firm but smooth is considered the best handshake. It gives a message of warmth and friendliness to the other person (i.e., you can depend upon me)
ü Handshaking normally accompanies all expressions of greetings, farewells, gratitude, congratulations, introductions etc.
ü  Formally joining or departing  from groups, it is  customary   to shake every individuals hand.

Ø  Informal Greetings: A friendly pat or peck on the cheek or the chin would suffice, depending on the culture prevailing.

Ø  Greeting someone on Entering: Men stand when they are introduced to each other, a women remains seated when a man is presented to her.
ü  It is gracious to stand to greet anyone who comes into your house, office or gathering, except for regular office or staff who come in / go out regularly.

ü  As soon as you have finished the greetings, invite the visitor to sit down and make himself comfortable.

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