Custom Etiquettes and Manners (CEM 7: DISMISSING OR ESCORTING)

Ø  It is a part and parcel of greetings.

ü  Discretion to judiciously round up a conversation and indicate parting of company and succeed in strengthening the bond of friendship for the future.

ü  Dismiss someone by simply nodding or thanking them by standing up and escort him to the main door.

ü  A handshake, namaste, hi-bye, see you soon will suffice.

ü  Do not forget to ask them to come again and to keep in touch.

ü  Important visitors require red carpet welcome. It is gracious to walk the person to his car or transport he has.

ü  If you are expecting a person do not make them wait for too long at the reception.

ü  Similarly in an office, never allow an important visitor to find his own way out alone. Accord this to ordinary visitor if the location is in a maze cubicles.

Ø  Making Enquiries: All of us have felt the need for establishing contact. For making certain enquiries or seeking information or seeking directions, good manners demand our greeting a person proceeding to make our request, at least with a genuine smile. A thank you is in order when doubts have been cleared.

Ø  Conversation:
ü  Get right to the point, no time to talk about the weather.
ü  A quick follow up is needed.

ü  Manner of speech should not call for comment.

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