CEM 12: IN CLOSING (Customs, Etiquettes and Manners)


            We have dealt on the issue of Etiquette and Manners exhaustively as blog series various situation and the importance of reacting to them; in a positive and socially acceptable manner.
Familarity with the various norms and manners of ‘Etiquette’ can make a person feel confident. But knowing how to do things right is not enough. You should know how to do things efficiently. It requires practice. Everyday occasions provide ample opportunity to practice and perfect our manners .......which is certainly within reach.

            A guide to good manners remains essentially what it is – ‘GUIDE’. Many cases and instances have to be judged on their own merit and you are the best person in the circumstances to determine the wisest approach to any situation.

“You must learn/teach good manners and correct values in life. In the absence of these, one would become a brat, who have no etiquette, flaunt authority and show scant respect to people around them, especially when others are watching you, and children imitating every action of yours”.

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