Author: Major Ravindran Vasudevan

For an exposition on SSB interview techniques, there exists a Biblical perspective in Genesis chapters where a human being was placed in the Garden of Eden; and  blessed to multiply and develop. It is believed that “SIMPLICITY + UNDERSTANDING + APPLICATION = CHANGE” were the keys for the growth blessings of human kind.

                While browsing through nearly 400 pages on Services Selection Board (SSB) interview book, the above keys to change and success seems to match the author’s intention, which ideally will fulfill the requirement for young men and woman aspirants for the Defence Forces and Corporates.

                Divided into 3 main sections, each having 8 to 14 chapters, the book enlightens you on knowing yourself and the  Armed Forces as a noble and great Career choice, with shade cards used by the assessors while the next section deals on the testing procedures and a perspective to achieving success at the SSB followed by a chapter on General awareness on Defence Organization, Current affairs topics and eligibility criteria for applying. The information is quite comprehensive and relates to individual aspirants.

                The compendium is also an ideal reference book, both for SSB (Defence) aspirants and Corporates as well. A good compendium for  libraries in schools, colleges and Institutions;  The CAVALIER INDIA Training Academy uses this book for its training faculty and also recommends the same  as an ideal gift to friends, aspiring for a dignified Career in life.

                In sum and as indicated by the Author, the book is a “two-way process of training, updating in self learning, not only as a tool but a product of time tested creation from bright minds, duly compiled and presented in its simplicity, understanding and further application”.

                A must read recipe for success and expecting  updation in its next edition in view of the De-novo 2019 upgradation in SSB testing procedures.

(Training Faculty, Cavalier India)

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