Frequently Asked Questions by Defence Aspirants

Reply: Normally the questions about law/Acts are not asked in the tech/non tech interviews. However, for the JAG entry, the Interviewing Officer may ask a few questions about laws/Acts/ Indian Constitution etc.

Reply: Merit list is made on the basis of your performance in written test i.e.  UPSC or AFCAT exam and your performance in SSB. Needless to say that to come into the merit getting recommended at SSBs is mandatory.

Reply: Yes, we do train TA Candidates for SSB interview and the written test. 

Reply: There is nothing tough or difficult in SSB testing .One only need to have self  belief and training under the guidance of experienced assessors we can also keep you in preparing for SSB by enrolling  for  45 days NDA/CDSE written entrance test training programme and two weeks SSB training Programme. 

Reply: One’s body postures and body language plays a great role in enhancing one’s personality. It is important that not only your hands but overall body postures/ body language should be immaculate.

Reply: As far as PPDT is concerned, no preparation on any topic is required . However for the Group Discussion and Lecturette you may prepare the topics on Current affairs / Social issues viz Indo- Pak relations, Terrorism, J&K problem, etc.  You may practice in front of a tall mirror or plan to have discussions with your friends.

Reply: Please remember that every candidate at the SSB is eager to project himself in all the tasks. So in PPDT and Group Discussion all the candidates start speaking simultaneously making it a ‘fish market’. One can only overcome this by projecting himself confidently and convey viewpoint with relevant data convicingly.

Reply: The words chosen for WAT are simple and easy to understand. However, in the unlikely event of a candidate not able to work in WAT, the candidate may express feelings towards the given word. Please remember that this is not test of your proficiency in English but your personality projection in writing.

Reply: Yes, we do have a Communicative English speaking skills programme  conducted by our sister institute Cavalier Animation & Media College where you can enroll to develop communication skills.

Reply: Screening test consists of OIR (IQ Aptitude) test and PPDT. OIR test can be cleared by practicing model IQ tests while PPDT by actively participating in the story writing, narration and discussion phase of the PPDT. One needs to make a favorable impact during individual story narration by expressing his viewpoint and evolve a consensus. In no circumstances one should get agitated or lose cool or show annoyance, but to remain calm and an alert disposition.

 Reply: Yes you can speak in Hindi, however, it would be better if you speak in English too. But if you get stuck somewhere you may speak in Hindi but switch over to English as soon as you can. One is not permitted to speak in any other regional language.

Reply: There is no limit on number of attempts for NDA, both UPSC entrance exam as well as the SSB, as long as candidates meet the age and eligibility criteria.

 Reply: SSB testing is a test of Personality where the suitability of a candidate for Commissioning as a Commissioned Officer is tested. There is no formula for success at the SSB. Regarding your query about absence OLQ, you would need to enroll with Cavalier India where we guide you in meaningful preparation for the SSB and also recommend you on some of the qualities/areas you need to develop.

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