A mother with her son desired to meet the Cavalier India SSB Faculty for queries related to joining Defence Services and was insisting on the child’s 10+2 board results scoring 95.2% average in PCM subjects. The lady was informed that a 70% score was enough for the TES direct SSB entrance eligibility to which she exuded confidence that her son was a sure shot confirmed selectee!

                During the same period a young student for the CDS entry with an average of 62% had shyly applied for coaching and training and he kept a safe distance from the 90% and above candidates in all the activities but with a difference; he was quick on the uptake, calm disposition and spoke only what was relevant while the 90% scorers were a questioning a lot and often disrupted the ‘Group’, with annoying habits.

                Surprisingly during the interview we found the CDS candidate comfortably handling questions and situations painted and found that this candidate was well focused and had a positive outlook as also had planned well ahead since class 8th to join the Defence Services. This head start helped him in clearing the SSB in merit, whereas our 95% candidate didn’t clear, including the IIT/JEE and COMED …. Allied exams!!

                The question begets ‘In being an average misfit for the world and unfit to contribute to society or cannot join the Defence Forces as an Officer! The answer is “it is this ordinary lot who contribute more on vocational training and leadership activities” – for they go about challenging themselves, accepting their status of who they are and having a Vision with a Mission!

                From ordinary to extraordinary is a challenge, in life; however be assured; with a Mentor and proper guidance you do stand apart and focused in meeting your desires to join  the Defence Forces as a Commissioned Officer.

                “Walk that extra mile …. And prove being ordinary is no sin… but a challenge to step up and step out”!

(Training Faculty, Cavalier India)

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Cavalier India is the biggest Defence Career Training Academy in India with network covering the entire country. We train candidates to face SSB Interviews, NDA Exam, CDS Exam, CPO Exam, AFCAT Exam and Other Entrance Tests.
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