In a recent pullout of a newspaper I noticed the writer stating “Impudence is the new cool, insolence our trump card. Being conceited, if not downright nasty, is a coveted status symbol”. Why have we become such an ill-mannered lot? Are we breeding a generation of “ Rude-Sters ”!
                This statement set me thinking and in turn asked my students for their comments. I was mildly surprised to find that most of them came up with a view “there is too much information available to a person that he/she is not able to handle”; be it through electronics, print or class room. As such the social media, texting, games on screen, or cloud computing (et al) is contributing instant information without any qualms on morals, basic good manners and etiquettes and increasing difficult perception to individual lifestyle, undermining others !
                Handling any type of INFORMATION needs an in-depth study to build up knowledge which starts with parents, teachers, friends and regular school attendance. “  Wisdom is the Principle thing, get wisdom and get understanding and lean not unto thine own quotes a bible verse”.  A need for the youth to grow in love and affection for each other, their neighbours and peer  groups. But unfortunately the present generation feel cocksure in everything they are comfortable with and thus fall in the selfish culture of “Me, Myself first and always”! This type of rude behavior needs to be arrested right from primary school days and as Youth channel their available information to energize into mature and capable leaders and their growth as loyal citizens, Who make a Nation strong .  

(Training Faculty, Cavalier India)

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