Army Planning to induct Civilian staff to replace sahayaks at peace stations

The Army is evaluating the idea of  recruiting civilian staff in peace stations to do away with the colonial-era Sakayak system, in the wake of rising cases of jawans coming out openly against it. The Army is also thinking about introducing new guidelines to prevent misuse of jawans working as sahayaks.

What is Sahayak / Buddy System?

  • Under the army’s ‘buddy’s system, sahayak jawans are attached to officers and junior commissioned officers. A sahayak’s tasks include working with the officer or JCO for army-related duties.
  • The ‘sahayak’ system was established during the British rule.
  • A ‘sahayak’ is basically a buddy who helps an officer perform various tasks.
  • However, in recent times, the ‘sahayak’ system has been criticized for treating these soldiers as servants.

10,000 sahayak jawans will be replaced by civilians. The civilian substitutes will be employed for officers in static formations such as the Army Headquarters or units in the Delhi area and not operational locations like battalions, brigades and division and corps headquarters.

Once their civilian replacements are in the place, the 10,000 sahayak jawans will be moved to army formations across the country.

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