Often students and candidates are at cross roads wondering how to achieve personal success and prepare for their future! Rightly so that they would approach friends, neighbours, consultants and mentors for guidance. Appended below are some points which may help:-

Ø  At the PU-stage start enquires for Career options matching your choice of subjects ie. start early, with a MISSION in mind

Ø  Invest in yourself: Time, Health and Wealth.

Ø  Explore new frontiers.

Ø  Attend Workshops, Seminars TED talks and coaching classes for specialization.

Ø  Follow  your Heart in choosing the main options and a back up plan.

Ø  Do not be left behind in your group or batch; compete wherever possible.

Ø  Focus, to meet new challenges (be aware of happenings around)

Ø  Self motivation is the best option.

Ø  Be a master of your 'Values'.

Ø  Impact your Character (qualities), in any given situation.

Ø  Success lies in Humility, Purpose and Advance planning.

Ø  Desire to ‘Specialize’…

Ø  Continuous self evaluation a must, in Career and in life.

Ø  Guard against illusions, fallacies and perceptions; keep a positive image!

Ø  Remember no one can make you feel inferior without your consent.  (Eleanor.R)

The above are time tested ‘ATTITUDES’ which can be an addendum to your
profile check-list, for a suitable career and always remind yourself to… “ADVANCE AS A KNOWLEDGEABLE PERSONALITY…TO ACHIEVE EXCELLENCE IN THE CHOSEN FIELD”


(Training Faculty, CAVALIER INDIA)

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