Saurabh, a recently selected candidate from the ‘Services Selection Board reported that he has cleared all the entrance exams and interviews while completing 10+2 Board. During an interview with him he cited that he had made ‘CONSISTENCY, RESILENCE and ORIENTATION as his motto in career planning; on the advice of his parents and Mentors (teachers), right from mid school level.
The advice seems to hold good for this youngster and is practicable. Some of the highlights on the subjects and steps to encourage mid school students is appended as a guidance for students/aspirants .
In the area of CONSISTENCY, Parents and teachers play an important role in maintaining regular dossier on school/class performance and where required counsel students after quarterly exams and briefing the Parents during the PTA meetings and also through E-mail. Consistency lies in students being exposed to Presentations, Seminars and visits to Industries/Exhibitions and motivational talks on Career opportunities. This certainly would help give a direction to young minds and assist parents to mould them in decision making.
RESILENCE in term of dictionary meaning is “challenging ones capability or ability to recover from or adjust easily, from a tough situation”! This is a common occurrence amongst
10+2 students who has to recover from set backs from results/outcomes of various Career entrance competitive exam. More often they are disillusioned and deluded when they do not score high in the desired field. In this respect the student himself has to bounce back with the help of feed back’s and self appraisal, duly guided by Parents. Generally it is seen that students are quite  flexible to switch to alternate Career plans, having planed earlier, for a quick make over.
ORIENTATION stems from resilence as also Parents/Teachers guiding students in career opportunities, identifying talents and encouraging them for exposure to various fields of interest. These days distractions allure young minds due to excessive exposure through Internet, facebook and electronics which needs to be monitored regularly. Qualitative job prospects and enquiring minds must be channelized by the Mentors concerned in answering queires well in time!
Having trained and experienced in Mentoring young students, one realizes that ‘Patience’ and encouragement ‘on both the parties; builds  a challenging mind to succeed in life, and career prospects!


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