PERSONALITY of any person is basically a projection of ones ‘TRAITS’ as a ‘Bionic’ status; acquired right from child a ‘Bionic’ status; acquired right from child birth and sis hereditary in nature However personality perse can be moulded in fundamental ways if a person believes he If a person believes he she has the ability to change with a positive exhibition, adapting to the environment One such
Issue is the chronic problem of ‘late comers’ whether it in the, employee, student, children or an invitee!
               ‘Gaurav is a case in point who in spite of all efforts according to his own confession is always an irritant to his pass and elders in reporting late for classes at work or a function. He finds himself either giving excuses or is fed up of making up stories and excuses. At last in desperation he approached his mentor to help him tide over late coming syndrome! The following keys were presented to him and he was
asked to follow through this exercise and report any time he felt he has a grip on his life style.
                                           ·          Write a Self-Appraisal of five lines each on the self-opinion, parent’s opinion Teachers, friends, colleagues, Boss and sibling about himself.
                                           ·          Summarize all the opinions under strong and weak qualities and how to overcome weak
      qualities and build/balance out the strong qualities.
                                           ·          Design a check list, with suggestions of daily weekly programme undertaken and results obtained with remarks on negatives.
                                           ·          Have the above report assessed by an elder or mentor and prepare solutions as advised.
                                           ·          Plan on making small changes initially on your life style and slowly build upon them
for example, a health related issue, studies, work place environment or managing   finances.
                                           ·          Wake up early, before sunrise, have a physical exercise programme and settle down to go
through  the days programme starting with lowest (weakest) to main priority eg in
studies /projects/Assignments
                                           ·          A make –do –list is a must, one day in advance and before lights out layout next days  requirement, to act down on timings.
                                           ·          ‘Sacrifice’ in the key word if you are used to late nights a good 7 to 8 hours sleep is a must; irrespective of an event keep away from ‘distractions’ eg face book twitters. Mobile
       phones etc which eats into your TIME and ENERGY!
                                         ·       Self control and good perception of how others see you in a key to watch out! Attending
      games |sports activity helps in disciplining ones body, which in turn.
                                         ·       Freedom of thought, conscience and expression should be yours! “Listen to all but make
      your own decision is an old age; follow it in better and spirit Remember Management of
      TIME is better than Time managing! you. you have the ‘Right’ to own it! Push yourself
      and remind yourself.
                                         ·      “Yes I can and I will! Make it your Motto ion life! “Time” will be productive!
The above few valid suggestions is presently helping Gaurav to evaluate himself and
respect ‘TIME’…. knowing well that he has the potential to change and be an energetic
and successful individual in all his endeavours!

                                                                            (Training Faculty, CAVALIER INDIA)

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