To make sense of things with confidence one can articulate our puzzled attempts by following some of the guidelines enumerated  under :

Ø  Have an experienced ‘Mentor or a Counselor’ to assist you in times of confusion.
Ø  Rising above confusion and move with confidence into the days that lie ahead by holding on to your ‘VISION and ‘Mission’; planned right from high school days.
Ø  Being Honest requires us to admit that things are as they are! For integrity in life requires that what ever is true must be faced.
Ø  Competing ‘oneself ’ is better than burning out while competing with others i.e.‘Believe in yourself’ always.
Ø  Challenges are to be faced as a trial and remember,‘I CAN and I WILL, works!
Ø  One of the laws of ‘PERSONALITY’ is this, “Unacknowledged emotions stay within us to cause trouble: acknowledged emotions do not!   Choose the right one!
Ø  Nothing is solved by ‘EVASION’; all that you got to do is INVASION…at the earliest.!
Ø  Be more patient and tolerant, than having an attitude of Anger or frustration.
Ø  Discipline is  a key ‘strength of character’, a virtue few follow… as a ‘LIGHT’ in life’s travails.


                                                                    (Training faculty CAVALIER INDIA )

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