As a young student I enjoyed collecting snippets of newspapers and magazines relating to interesting topics, pictures, commentaries, proverbs, music scores, rare stamps, defence services activities, comic strips…. and compiled them with other memorablia and personal notes .This hobby translated to my writing for school magazines and an odd item for the local newspaper and thus built up my personal library! During our times there were no mobiles, internet, facebooks or any electronics to aid in transferring the collections or share with friends or family.

            Well! as time passed and as I grew up in the Defence forces….with postings all over India and visits abroad; the collection of souvenirs, photographs and penned-in thoughts grew to a vast collection and remained within the steel trunks… till retirement. However, as children grew up and were exposed to the latest gadgetry, face book, internet,and  twitter,  they realized the value of my written collection requesting me to share these as ‘BLOGS…..which they compacted  as a memorablia to a pen drive and opened an  electronic file for the photo albums.

In due course, I became a student for a formal course learning about blogs and blogging from the children and grand children and now share with you some basics on BLOGS, BLOGGER and no more just a writer or a compiler, as enumerated:
Ø  BLOG :(Definition): A BLOG is a frequently updated online personal journey or diary to share your thoughts and your passions, reaching hundreds of people each and every day; to include expressions about a hobby, interest or a commentary on important social issues affecting an individual, critiqueor personality or the society ….sent through the internet. It is a‘content engine’ driving the social web, which can also be used as a tool for business,empowering individuals through the enterprise.

Ø  BLOGGER (n): is a person or personality who authors blogs and shares information for the benefit of interested persons.

Ø  Why do people Blog?   Basically, you are transferring your ‘written work’ or compilation to others through the internet and finding your voice, as shorter blog posts, respecting your readers and their precious time…in others words“Get in,make your point and get out”! In addition reaching out to people…who could use information provided.

Ø  Who can Blog ?Every one can Blog and you need no special skills except a working knowledge of the language and an ability to express, with a central objective or Theme’ of the subject matter;and with a little coaching you can be a successful Blogger.

Ø  Skills for successful Blogging. The three C’s (3Cs) of Effective Communication is the key ie Clear, Concise and Content! In addition, developing some of the following skills strengthens an average explorer;formatting, practice, using a platform (wordpress, Tumbler, Blog spot,or facebook), memories, Data collection, Ideas,Story telling, Advisory, Hobbies or Interests , and a non emotive nature (ready to accept negative feedback /comments helps ;besides being a Persuader or a Teacher.

Ø  Types of Blogs: It is all about the blogger and the readers ‘ATTITUDE’ that decides what is ‘IN’ and what is needed to be addressed. According to the word press .com ,some of the examples of common or popular categories includePersonal, Private, Business, Politics, Defence/ military, sports, search engines (SEO), reviews, marketing, hobbies,
music, movies, videos, publicity, press releases, medical advisory, promotional packages, niche topics (cooking, health gardening), technical journals, sharing, interests…..and many different approaches towards making life interesting!

Ø  Who owns the Blog?  Blogging success is built on your skills, readers response, outreach and influence. Like any social media ,‘self censorship’ is the code of conduct; else the public will judge! Like any communication(print or electronic), once your Blog is released ,the onus remains with the ‘Author’ inspite of public relations or marketing, using it for potential customers. Hence prior to ‘rush the Blog’ do carry out an introspection and value added restrictions to uphold literary ethos!

Ø Practical Approaches to Blogging :It is all up to the author what his intentions are?Using “a build relationship”platform is an ideal and a practical approach. In addition, careful attention to ‘detail’ should be a strategy. That will deliver incredible results. Keeping journalistic ‘Ethics’ in mind would attract friends and mentors in due course.

       Blogging beginners and successful bloggers can enjoy writing, using street smart techniques through regular blogs, regular reading, conversations, teaching…. and pass it on  ... to citizens like me….to be loyal followers!   


                                                                                             (Training faculty Cavalier India)

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