7TH years – SYRIA

A small uprising against  government in 2011 in Syria has today blown out to be a full scale war. With millions perished and innumerable violations of Human rights the fight doesn’t seem to come to an end. Let is see in detail.

 When did the problem started and why?
             It started in 2011 against the leadership of President Bashr-al-Assad who took over the regime from his father. People started protesting against price-rise and unemployment.

Fight is between Whom?
            Initialy it was against government. Then it turned out to be fight between shia’s and sunni’s but today when foreign countries backed the revolutionaries it turned out to be a full scale war with countries like U.S, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Turkey, playing a vital role directly or indirectly.

Which are all the place affected ?
            Damascus, Aleppo, Raqqa, recently its is Ghouta were civilian  face the brunt of boldly war.
Whats the nature of destruction ?
1.5 million people with permanent disabilities. 89000 lost limbs many cases still unreported

What is the End?
           All nations should unilaterally declare ceasefire and come on the table to save Syria from further destruction. Its too late but still a hope that it would stop from any further destruction.


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