France is situated in EUROPE.

It is largest west European nation with its capital as paris. It lies between three big nation – Spain, Germany and Italy. France is famous for its path breaking French Revolution during 1789 – 1793. France is a permanent member of United Nation Security Council (UNSC) and plays a vital role in world politics.
Recent visit of France President Immanul Macron plays a significant role for India in world stage. Both leaders have signed a pact to start are of the biggest sector in Energy called as International Solar Alliane (ISA) with 61 countries. Countries lying between Tropic of cancer and Tropic of Capricon enjoy sulight throught the year. This association with play a very important role in uniting the countries falling in this belt which reduce many global warning agents like carbon-di-oxide, Sulpure-di-oxide etc emitted through burning of carbon.
India is exploring to exploit this energy by setting up solar panels on rooftop of every house. This is just a beginning and a challenge for countries which are dependent on oil.
The constant terminal in middle-east may reduce when world looks over this Energy sector and this could create lot of job opportunity for the nation as many developing nations fall in this belt.
French President Emmanul Macron has stated that it would take another $ 1 terillion till 2030 to fully contribute to solar energy. Both India and France have began the contribution. India is developing skills of many graduate by initiative like of many graduates by initiates like “Surya Mitra” under skill India program.
This is another shot in the Arm which India in center stage in world political as a counter plan with respect to china’s. One Belt One Road Initiative. India is growing in leaps and bounds with consistency soon, India will be a nation to look forward for many nation as role model.

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